Friday, June 11, 2010

Essensu...I think I LOVE you!

It's plain and simple: I want to be 29 and holding.....forever. 

I know in my heart I will always remain young, however in my family, all of the women seem (at an early age) to develop deep wrinkles around our lips and eyes, with bags so large and puffy, I swear they would need to be checked at any airport terminal prior to boarding a plane. I had already spent hundreds of dollars and tried many brands of creams and lotions that claim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Well guess what? They don't. 

Each time I tried a new product, I took a "before" picture so I could really see if there were any results and by the time I was through the first bottle, tube or jar of stuff I was inventing new swear words. After several years of trial and frustration, I had literally given up on trying to have the "29 and holding" look, to match my young at heart personality.

Then I was introduced to Tami, owner of Essensu Holistic Skincare. Tami makes a Vanilla Lavender Dry Oil Spray that sounded wonderful! You see, I simply LOVE the smell of lavender together with the sweetness of vanilla. It reminds me of a warm summer day and, well...lavender is purple...which happens to be my favorite color. Wink 

So late last February, I placed an order for a bottle. When the shipment arrived, Tami had included a few samples of some of her other products too. One of the samples was a jar of her Lavender Vanilla Silky Body Cream.

The sample of silky body cream was rich, creamy and smelled absolutely heavenly...and I decided that not only would it be good to try on my dry elbows, but just for sh*ts and giggles I was also going to try it under my eyes and around my lips. As usual, I started out by taking a beforepicture of my worst wrinkles...under my eyes. 

February, 2010

When I put the cream on, I could immediately feel my skin absorbing the nutrients in it. It didn't just sit on top of my skin or feel waxy like many other commercial creams. It was light and extremely moisturizing. I used it twice a day: in the morning and before bed. After the first week I already had noticed a huge improvement and softening of my wrinkles. I was so excited with the results that I ordered more Lavender Vanilla Silky Body Cream from Essensu.

Now, almost four months later, here's the dramatic results:

June 2010

My puffiness and the extra baggage has almost vanished, my wrinkles are greatly diminished and I feel (and look) like a much younger person! My husband has just started using this cream too -- and for a 55 year old with very deep line wrinkles down his face, I can (and he can too) already see a major difference after just one week.

So, if you're like me, and want to remain "29 and holding" way into your 40's, 50's and beyond (and actually look it too!), I strongly recommend using products from Essensu!

Results are not guaranteed, but hey! Look what it's done for me!  :)

~ Mischelle "Mzz Thang" Martell