Saturday, May 2, 2009

Drum Roll...please!

As the entries continue to pour in, this blog post will be continually updated with the daily winners of the Fo-Shizzle Design Studios "May Madness" - a chance to win a pair of genuine pearl and silver earrings - which is going on each day throughout the month of May.

Below is a list of the "May Madness" daily winners:

May 1st - Joanna S., NY
May 2nd - Doris K., WI
May 3rd - Ismaela P., India
May 4th - Deborah A., TN
May 5th - Beth Ann B., TX
May 6th - Mary R., CA
May 7th - Mary H., MS
May 8th - Paul M., CO
May 9th - Terra H., TX
May 10th - Richard T., HI
May 11th - Jill W., TN
May 12th - Timothy H., CT
May 13th - Christine F., DE
May 14th - Cindee B., NM
May 15th - Steve T., IN
May 16th - Jillian C., UK
May 17th - Tammy J., TX
May 18th - Pat K., IL
May 19th - Donna S., AR
May 20th - Cynthia L., TX
May 21st - Polly G., NH
May 22nd - Peter S., WI
May 23rd - Gary H., TX
May 24th - Jenny G., WI
May 25th - Maxine H., FL
May 26th - Sandra H., CA
May 27th - Kim T., CT
May 28th - William P., IN
May 29th - Joan S., MA
May 30th - Alicia A., FL
May 31st -

If you haven't registered for our "May Madness" daily giveaway, you can enter any time up until 11:59pm on May 31st, at If you have already registered, then thanks again for playing, and get ready for our NEXT big giveaway!


joannaonthelake said...

My Earrings arrived and they are GORGEOUS!! I love, love them, thank you so much! I will enjoy wearing them all the time.


Tina12312 said...

I received this beautiful pair of earrings from you today and I am just thrilled! They are so gorgeous! Thank you so much!

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