Friday, June 26, 2009

I like to be on top!

No, that's not what I meant! Get your mind out of the gutter already! LOL!

There's a new website, which ranks an individuals Art Fire store into the "top 100" simply by the amount of traffic received by clicking on it's link.

There's no "prize" and no real "winner" (except just the fun of being at the top of the list), but for those of you reading this blog post -- and I know that's less than a hand full -- if you don't mind, could you please click on this link, find my Fo-Shizzle Design Studios banner and click on it? I would be most appreciative if you did.

If you are signed up for this, I will most gladly do the same in return, just let me know.

Thanks, and don't forget to click, enter, and click on my banner!


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