Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grandpa would be very proud...

I got to babysit my grandson today. Not that that's really anything new, exactly, as I take care of him every Wednesday while his mom and dad are both at work. Damian is now three months old, but I swear - it seems like he was just born yesterday.

Each week, I see such drastic advances and changes in him. He's just growing up so fast, and each time that I see him there's something new. It's not like he learned to coo and then that's all that he does for a few months.

No. He's already rolling over, sitting up almost entirely on his own and standing on his two feet with nothing more than the support of me holding his hands. I swear, this kid is going to be driving a car even before he learns how to crawl.

Anyway, I though I would post today's video short, featuring none other than my 3 month old grandson, Damian.


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