Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Hannah" Collection - Swarovski Crystal and Gold-Filled Earrings

As summer ends and fall peeks it's head around the corner - we've decided to try something new. Our jewelry products will be formed into groups or "Collections", rather than just a mish-mosh and scattering of pieces. This idea came about after creating jewelry for one particular wedding party this past summer. The bride and groom both wore white, as did the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Because the bride did not have a particularly favorite color, she chose an array of colors for the bridal party: blue, green, purple, peach and light green. The bridesmaids each had earrings, bracelets and necklaces made for them and each one wore a different color. The groomsmen each wore a cummerbund and tie that matched the color of one of the bridesmaids and all in all it was quite colorful. Each of the bridesmaids pieces were made slightly different from each other, so that they all tied in, but were still unique.

The bride (Hannah) thought that we should make more of these as she was so impressed with how they turned out she thought others would like them.

So they were born. The "Hannah" collection of earrings. They each have an 8mm Swarovski crystal and are set on our handmade 22 gauge 12K gold-filled ear wires. They have been made just as the originals. Following are pictures of the entire five-piece series, available for purchase on our website or at our store:

For more information on the Hannah Series, or to purchase these earrings, visit Fo-Shizzle Design Studios


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