Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Store Front

I'm sooooo excited!

This year I will be opening a new storefront (which actually means I will get two of the bedrooms in my home back! LOL!)

Although it's not the "ideal" location, it's amongst a plethora of people, and I can't beat the cost of the rent!

My new store (which will be opening mid February) is a 300 (+) square foot quaint little place inside our local bowling alley, where there's an average flow of 800 to 1200 people every day. When the bowling alley was built (1942) this room was originally built as a dress shop so that the owners' wife could have her own business, as she loved fine clothing. With her dress shop being inside the bowling alley, the owner and his wife could both be at work at their separate jobs yet still be "together". The front double doors of this room open right out into the main floor of the bowling alley and is not easily missed.

Over the years, this "walk-in-closet" of a room has been a number of different types of businesses: Dress shop, Craft shop (x2), Breakfast shop (serving only coffee and pastries for the early morning bowlers), Dart store, Bowling Pro shop and will be the new home of Fo-Shizzle Design Studios. It's going to take a little bit to set it up though. The previous business in that room was the pro shop, in which the owner and all of his friends would meet and get drunk, spilling their drinks all over the white carpeting. And all of the dust from drilling bowling balls has seeped into the crevices in the dark wood-slatted walls, so it's definitely "clean-up" time!

When the pro-shop gets completely moved out of there, I'll have to post some pics of it. YEAH!


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