Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You see an over-sized loaf of bread, stuffed to the hilt with meat and cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on the television commercial. Just then, you notice a tiny drip of juice falling from the amazon sized sandwich, and you're off -- jumping in the car to go buy one. You order the fabulous creation which is also displayed on the plexiglass sign outdoors and await anxiously to ravish the delectable feast. Your mouth begins to water as you feverishly unwrap your sandwich only to find...

...it doesn't look even half as good (or half as big) as the one on TV.

We all want our products to look their best. Afterall, most of the reason a piece sells is because of the way it is displayed or advertisied. However, if you do art shows or have a storefront, purchasing display props can also take up a huge chunk of money that can be better spent on other materials.

While roaming around our local dollar store yesterday (one of my favorite places to shop), I came across these 10" plate stands. There was an assortment of shapes and styles and they are well constructed with tight and secure welding and sturdy back bracing. I bought all that they had (19 total). They are ideal for displaying my jewelry, and the price just couldn't be beat! I also bought some ceramic vases to add extra color to my displays and each item I purchased was only .99 cents! Overall I spent a total of $26.79 and have props that can be used in multitude of ways. Since the average retail price of a "cheap" jewelry display is around $8.00 (plus shipping), I figured I saved a MINIMUM (roughly) of $175 to $200 dollars.So if you have a dollar store or discount store near you, stop in and take a look around every once in awhile. You just never know what your going to find that can enhance your art work and save you a lot of $$$!
~ Mzz Thang


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