Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Perfect Gift, Anytime of Year!

Last October, as I was just finishing up the "basics" to my web store (, I decided to think ahead as to what special item or items I could offer for the Holiday Season to help promote my new online store. The idea that I came up is an "Earring of the Month Club" -- which is certainly nothing new to the typical online shopper -- however it was a huge success over the holidays, so I decided to keep it as a year-round product.

Our Earring of the Month Club is a great way to give the gift that keeps on giving, with a 6-month subscription at the low price of only $90.00, with free shipping! The customer chooses what color metal they prefer (gold, silver or both), as well as bright or neutral colors. Each pair of earrings are on
e of a kind, so no two customers will ever be sent the same pair or style.

If you would like to become a member of the Earring of the Month Club, or know someone who's celebrating a birthday, anniversay, or any special occassion, visit us at today, and click on the link "Join the Earring of the Month Club".


jinx1764 said...

What I cool idea! Mind if I borrow it or something similar?

Fo-Shizzle! said...

Go for it!

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